Zuli Smartplug

  • Presence sets the perfect Lighting and temperature
  • Zuli turns any lamp or light into a dimmer
  • View the energy usage of every light and appliance

Don’t Let the Small Size Fool You

The Zuli Smartplug combines 4 products into one beautiful package to give you the ultimate flexibility for how you want to use it. The product was thoughtfully designed with a clear front panel to seamlessly blend in with your home, and precisely engineered to be compact, giving you full access to your second outlet.

It’s hard to Look Away

Even though it’s beautiful, the Zuli was also built to last. Manufactured with insert molded prongs, double injected plastic, and highest quality materials, you can be assured your Zuli Smartplug was designed to be just as functional as it is beautiful. A subtle LED on the front gives you just the right feedback when needed and an unobtrusive button on the side makes sure you can always be in control.

Zuli Presence

When your home has Zuli Presence, any room with a Zuli Smartplug will know when you’re there and instantly adapt to your personal lighting and temperature preferences — then everything turns off when you walk away.

  • Individual Price: $50.99
  • 3-Pack Price: $145.49
  • Crowdfunded: Kickstarter