Smarter iKettle 2.0

  • A brand new design comes with an update to iKettle 1.0
  • Remotely boil from anywhere at anytime with wi-fi connectivity
  • Intelligent geo-location starts boiling water as soon as you walk through your door

Wake Up and Home Modes

Setting alarms and schedules allows you to wake to a boiled kettle anytime. Turn on home mode and be asked if you would like a tea the moment you walk through the door.

Custom Temperatures

Select the perfect temperature between 20 and 100 degrees to get the best taste from your tea. Save your favorite temperature for regular use.

Smart Water Sensors

Water level sensors enable you to see how much water is in the kettle before you boil. Receive refill reminders when you’re running low.

Baby Formula Mode

Making night feeds a little easier, use the iKettle to remote boil the water, it will then reduce to the required temperature and notify you when it’s ready.

  • Price: $152.39
  • Support: iOS and Android