Rachio Irrigation Controller

  • Watering is based on real time weather and seasonal adjustments
  • Water reports confirm how much water you're using and saving
  • Saves customers as much as 30% on their outdoor water use

Tuned to Your Yard

Easily calibrate soil, vegetation, slope, sun exposure, and nozzle types. Choose from national and personal weather stations to get the most accurate weather data available. No one-size-fits-all experience—you have the freedom to make adjustments over time and tune your Rachio to your unique landscape.

Easy DIY Install

It takes most people less than 30 minutes to install the Iro and the app has an easy step-by-step setup guide to get you started fast.

Free from Rigid Schedules

Flex Schedules change as quickly as the weather does, providing your plants with the right amount of water at just the right time. Automatically adjust frequency while watering deeper. What’s it all mean? Healthier plants, deeper roots, and lower water waste.

Save Water

Schedules automatically adjust for changing seasons and your specific microclimate. We watch for upcoming weather and save you water anytime we see an opportunity to do so. We eliminate runoff by breaking your schedule up to maximize your soil’s absorption rate.

  • 8-zone Price: $199.99
  • 16-zone Price: $249.99
  • Support: iOS and Android