nuyu Sleep System

  • Their proprietary temperature algorithm works just like your body’s circadian rhythm
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee and 5-year limited warranty
  • It monitors and measures your sleeping patterns for feedback on your sleep rhythm

Sleep the Way Nature Intended

Technology, busy schedules, and temperature-controlled rooms have caused our bodies to lose touch with the natural cues that help us fall asleep. The nuyu sleep system helps you get back in touch with your body’s natural rhythm so you can sleep comfortably.

Using a patent pending algorithm, the nuyu sleep system reconnects you to the circadian rhythm your body is meant to follow. First warm to help you relax, then cools to help your body achieve a more comfortable temperature while you sleep. Lastly, like your body does naturally, the nuyu Sleep System warms again to help you wake up, the way nature intended.

Setup to Get a Sound Sleep

It’s never been easier to get a good night’s rest. Simply attach the nuyu Sleep System unit to mat, fill with unit with water, place the sleep mat under your fitted sheet, and sync with the free iOS or Android app.

The app provides initial temperature recommendations, but you can also customize and adjust settings to your optimal comfort level. Gain additional insights into your night’s sleep by tracking data captured by the nuyu Sleep System.

  • Price: $499.99
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Crowdfunded: Indiegogo