Mr. Coffee with WeMo

  • A unique "blooming" process saturates the coffee grounds for optimal flavor
  • Brew coffee from bed by connecting from an iOS and Android with the WeMo app
  • Our Optimal Brew technology brews coffee faster and also ensures full coffee flavor
  • Comes with a water filtration disk to filter out chlorine and other impurities from water

A Wise Crock Pot

Mr. Coffee brings you a state of the art coffeemaker with WeMo that’s designed to provide remote access for setting up a weekly schedule and adjusting brew time if needed. Simply adjust the brewing time within the app so you can enjoy always enjoy a fresh cup.

Get the Optimal Brew

With Optimal Brew technology, this coffee maker raises the bar on brewing as it is engineered to extract the fullest coffee flavor possible. It combines a high brew temperature of up to 205° and a faster brew speed, resulting in nothing short of exceptional tasting coffee.

Do More with WeMo

Brew your coffee from anywhere using the free WeMo App on your iOS or Android device. You can also adjust brew times, setup reminders, and get notified when your coffee is ready to drink.

  • Price: $105.00
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Integration: WeMo