Misfit Beddits

  • Beddit's Smart Alarm wakes you during a light sleep cycle
  • View detailed graphs and stats of your sleep via the Misfit app
  • There‚Äôs nothing to wear as Beddit is placed under your sheets

Sleep on It

Claiming to be the “world’s thinnest sleep sensor,” the Misfit Beddit tracks your sleep by placed the sensor directly on top of your mattress and under your sheets. There’s absolutely nothing to wear. Beddit is paper-thin and completely unobtrusive.

While You Were Sleeping

Set goals and see insights with the Misfit Beddit. You can track your total sleep time, sleep cycles including deep and light sleep duration, awake times, heart rate, ambient sound, and snoring. View detailed graphs and stats via the Misfit app.

Sleep Better. Dream Bigger

Soothe yourself to sleep by listening to a variety of custom, gentle sleep sounds. Wake up feeling refreshed with the Misfit Beddit’s Smart Alarm to ensure that you wake up during a light sleep cycle.

  • Price: $118
  • Support: iOS and AppleWatch
  • Bluetooth 4.0