• LED lights mimic the sun to power photosynthesis
  • Self-Filtering Aquarium naturally balances the larger ecosystem
  • Sensors and WiFi connectivity help cultivate a healthy ecosystem

A Productive, Living Centerpiece

The Grove Ecosystem is an intelligent indoor garden that enables people to grow fresh, flavorful, and healthy food year-round. The Grove Ecosystem learns with you, collecting data and optimizing for flavor, freshness, and yield. Intelligent and ecologically sound, it’s designed to look beautiful in a home, restaurant, office, or school.

Control From Your Pocket

Grove OS is your portal to the vibrant microbial life of your Ecosystem, your connection to a thriving community of growers, and an automatic green thumb for those of us planting our first seeds. The Ecosystem monitors water level, temperature, pumps, lights, and fans. Automatically optimize your Ecosystem’s settings for your plants.

A Fully Supported Experience

Whether you’re planting your first seed or you spend your summers in the soil, there is plenty to learn in our thriving community! Meet your fellow growers as we support you every step of the way.

  • Price: $4200
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Crowdfunded: Kickstarter