Fresh Coffee Jar

  • Connects with your smartphone to alert when you’re low on coffee
  • Automatically schedule deliveries of new beans before you run out
  • Build a custom coffee queue with the coffee you want shipped

Inspired Design

Our smart coffee jar keeps your beans fresh while looking great on your countertop. The jar features an airtight lid, a ceramic bean storage container, and a smart inventory monitor with user replaceable batteries.

Conveniently Caffeinated

Our coffee bean jar guarantees you get a coffee delivery right when you need it. We help you stay connected with your coffee supply without hassle. Peace of mind and convenience at no extra cost.

Coffee Connected to Your Phone

Our app will give you reminders to get more coffee when you’re at the store, request confirmation before we roast and ship your beans, or get notified when your coffee is roasted and shipped.

  • Preorder
  • Crowdfunded: Kickstarter