Edyn Garden Sensor

  • Never overwater or underwater your plants again
  • Get real-time guidance sent to your phone
  • Know what your garden needs: nutrition, light and moisture
  • Notifications for individual plants that need attention

Keep Tabs on your Garden

Conditions in your garden are constantly changing. Know what’s happening in real time so you can keep your plants healthy. The Edyn Garden Sensor tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition, and moisture — and then cross-references this information with plant databases, soil science, and the weather to give you customized gardening guidance.

Know What’s Happening Beneath the Soil

Too often, problems in your garden aren’t visible until it’s too late. Edyn lets you know what’s happening beneath the surface by monitoring minute changes in soil nutrition and moisture — so you can anticipate and resolve problems before they happen.

Take the Guesswork Out of Gardening

Know exactly what’s happening in your garden at a glance. The Edyn app regularly pulls data from your Garden Sensor to give you a snapshot of current conditions in your garden. Stay up to date on the water needs, soil nutrition, and changes in weather that could impact your garden.

Guidance for Your Garden

Edyn’s advice is based on science and data from your garden, not generalities. Know when your plants aren’t getting what they need and get recommendations on how to adjust. Dig into the details to see historical trends like how much sunlight you’ve had in the past or how cold it was last winter.

Know What Will Grow Best

Have Edyn analyze your garden to discover which plants best match its conditions and climate. Edyn’s database of over 5,000 plant varieties will provide tips to help you prep your garden and find the optimal spot for any plant.

  • Price: $79.98
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Crowdfunded: Kickstrarter