• Onboard water quality sensors that can update with firmware upgrades
  • The most intelligent connected water filter with filter and hydration reminders
  • The cove two-stage filter is made from sustainable materials

Powerful Filtering Technology

The dual-stage filter is the heart of Cove. Layers of precise filtering media, paired with laser etched membranes, can absorb impurities whilst maintaining the minerals your body needs. This allows you to rehydrate faster and more efficiently – for complete hydration.

Smart Refreshment

Cove’s integrated sensors show you the improvement in quality between the water you put into it and the water you get out of it. The sensors will get even smarter over time, with firmware updates that will allow us to access live data on water quality across our users locations and adjust filtration settings automatically.

Raise a Glass to Cove

Cove delivers fresh, clean, great tasting water with the swipe of a finger. Just fill the removable pail from the tap and Cove takes care of the rest.

  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Not Yet Available