Cinder Sensing Cooker

  • Cinder’s intuitive app makes it easy to understand and control your food
  • Precisely maintain the temperature so you don’t have to double-check
  • Intelligent geo-location brews coffee as soon as you walk through your door
  • On average Cinder’s energy usage is similar to a 60W light bulb

World Class Food at Home

High quality cooking appliances are precise and powerful, and Cinder is no exception. Cinder can reach 500°F quickly and hold it with the resilience of a cast iron skillet, yet is accurate to one degree increments at lower temperatures.

An Entirely New Way to Cook

Cinder makes all the ways you’re used to cooking faster and more convenient. Cook steak medium rare from edge to edge, while adding some dry aging. Then let your steak linger for a few hours, or even start with something frozen, with no loss in quality.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Cinder uses cutting edge technology to rethink the kitchen experience. So we run advanced control and prediction software. An easy to read high-resolution LCD display. A Bluetooth connection to your phone for even more control. That means you can cook a perfect steak everytime, even without years of culinary school.

  • Price: $249.99
  • Support: iOS
  • Bluetooth 4.0