Chemex Ottomatic Coffee Maker

  • Unique hot plate keeps the coffee warm without burning
  • Incorporates unique “Greedy Cup” sprayhead technology
  • The ottomatic platform fits all 5, 6, 8 cup Chemex coffeemakers

Inspired Design

Chemex has been the choice of pour-over coffee purists for decades with its glass carafe brewer. The new Chemex Ottomatic greatly simplifies pour-over brewing, doing all the precise pouring for you and keeping your coffee warm on a hotplate.

Ottomattic is Automatic

The Ottomattic manages key brewing variables so you don’t have to. Eliminate the need of monitor pre-infusion, contact time of water to coffee, and maintaining the water at the ideal target temp.

Uniform Sprayheads

The rainhead wets the grounds with hot water in a staged brewing cycle, then pulses to maintain optimal temperature throughout brewing, releasing deep, rich flavor in every cup.

  • Price: $350.00