• Engineered and designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Automatic programming of your yard’s watering schedule
  • Limitless range by turning electrical outlets into internet connections
  • Xona technology to watere based on layout and vegetation

Weather Analytics

Blossom uses real-time local weather data and satellites to automatically personalize your watering plan. It’s your weather, your plan.

Grow Your Savings

Up to half of the water used in irrigation can be wasted. Over-watering doesn’t just hurt your plants, it hurts your wallet. Start saving up to 30% today and let Blossom pay for itself. Conserve water, save money.

Complete Control

Monitor and control your yards watering from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. The Blossom app makes it easy to adjust your watering schedules, turn your sprinklers on or off, optimize water usage and more.

  • Price: $199
  • Support: iOS and Android
  • Crowdfunded: Kickstarter